常用英语口语对话 必背日常口语900句

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常用英语口语包括问候语、课堂用语、自我介绍、旅游英语、辨别物品、面试英语等各个方面,常见的有See you later. 待会儿见。I have to go now. 我必须走了。

常用英语口语对话 必背日常口语900句


一、Greetings 问候语

1. Hello! / Hi! 你好!2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好!3. I’m Kathy King. 我是凯西·金。4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得•史密斯吗?5. Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。6. How are you? 你好吗?7. Fine, thanks. And you? 很好,谢谢,你呢?8. I’m fine, too. 我也很好。9. How is Amy / your wife / your husband? 爱米好吗?/你妻子好吗?/你丈夫好吗?10. She is very well, thank you. 她很好,谢谢。 11. Good night, Jane. 晚安,简。12. Good-bye, Mike. 再见,迈克。13. See you tomorrow. 明天见。14. See you later. 待会儿见。15. I have to go now. 我必须走了。

二、Expression In Class 课堂用语

16. May I come in? 我能进来吗?17. Come in, please. 请进。18. Sit down, please. 请坐。19. It’s time for class. 上课时间到了。20. Open your books and turn to page 20. 打开书,翻到第20页。21. I’ll call the roll before class. 课前我要点名。22. Here! 到!23. Has everybody got a sheet? 每个人都拿到材料了吗?24. Any different opinion? 有不同意见吗?25. Are you with me? 你们跟上我讲的了吗?26. Have I made myself clear? 我讲明白了吗?27. Could you say it again? 你能再说一遍吗?28. Any questions? 有什么问题吗?29. That’s all for today. 今天就讲到这里。30. Please turn in your paper before leaving. 请在离开前将论文交上。

三、Identifying Objects 辨别物品

31. What’s this? 这是什么?32. It’s a pen. 是支笔。33. Is this your handbag? 这是你的手提包吗?34. No, it isn’t. / Yes, it is. 不,它不是。/是的,它是。35. Whose pen is this? 这是谁的笔?36. It’s Kate’s. 是凯特的。37. Is that a car? 那是一辆小汽车吗?38. No, it isn’t. It’s a bus. 不,那是一辆公共汽车。39. What do you call this in English? 这个用英语怎么说?40. What is the color of your new book? 你的新书是什么颜色的?41. How big is your house? 你的房子有多大?42. How long is the street? 这条街有多长?43. What’s the name of the cat? 这猫叫什么名字?44. Where’s the company? 那个公司在哪儿?45. Which is the right size? 哪个尺码是对的?

四、About Belongings 关于所有物

46. What’s this? 这是什么?47. It’s an air-conditioner. 这是空调。48. Is this yours? 这是你的吗?49. Yes, it’s mine. 是的,是我的。50. Where are my glasses? 我的眼镜在哪儿?51. Do you know where I’ve put my glasses? 你知道我把眼镜搁哪儿了吗?52. Over there. 在那边。53. On the desk. 在桌上。54. Is this your pen? I found it under the desk. 这是你的笔吗?我在桌下捡的。55. No. Mine is blue. 不是。我的是蓝的。56. Which is your bag? 哪个是你的包?57. The bigger one. 大些的那个。58. The one on your right. 你右边的那个。 59. Are these books all yours? 这些书全是你的吗?60. Some of them are mine. 一部分是我的。

五、Identifying People 辨别身份

61. Who are you? 你是谁?62. I’m Jim. 我是吉姆。63. Who is the guy over there? 那边那个人是谁?64. He’s Bob. 他是鲍勃。65. Is that girl a student? 那个女孩是学生吗?66. No, she isn’t. 不,她不是。67. What do you do? 你是做什么的? 68. I’m a farmer. 我是个农民。69. What does he do? 他是干什么的?70. He’s a manager. 他是个经理。71. She must be a model, isn’t she? 她一定是个模特,不是吗?72. I really don’t known. 我真不知道。73. I have no idea about it. 我一点都不知道。74. Can she be a driver? 她可能是个司机吗?75. Yes, I think so. 是的,我觉得是。

六、About Introduction 关于介绍

76. What’s your name? 你叫什么名字?77. May I have your name? 能告诉我你的名字吗?78. My name is Thomas. 我叫汤姆斯。79. Just call me Tom. 就叫我汤姆吧。80. What’s your family name? 你姓什么?81. My family name is Ayneswonth. 我姓安尼思华斯。82. How do you spell it? 怎么拼? 83. Who is the lady in white? 穿白衣服的那位小姐是谁?84. Could you introduce me to her? 你能把我介绍给她吗?85. Rose, let me introduce my friend to you. 罗斯,让我推荐一下我的朋友。86. This is Tom. He’s my classmate. 这是汤姆。我的同学。87. Nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你。88. Nice to meet you, too. 认识你我也很高兴。89. Let me introduce myself. 让我自我推荐一下。90. How do you do? 你好!

七、Year, Month And Day 年、月、日

91. What day is it today? 今天星期几?92. It’s Monday today. 今天是星期一。93. What’s the date today? 今天是几号?94. It’s January the 15th, 1999. 今天是1999年1月15日。95. What month is this? 现在是几月?96. It’s December. 现在是十二月。97. What year is this? 今年是哪一年?98. It’s the year of 1999. 今年是1999年。99. What will you do during this weekend? 这周末你干什么?100. Does the shop open at 9 am on weekdays? 这家店平日是早上9点开门吗?101. It opens at 8 am on weekdays, but at 9 at weekends. 平日上午8点开,但周末9点开。102. What will you do the day after next? 后天你干什么?103. What did you do the week before last? 上上星期你干了什么?104. I’ll work for the next 5 days. 我要工作5天(从明天算起)105. It’s been 5 years since I last saw you. 我已5年没见你了。


111.Please go to gate 7 for boarding.请至7号门登机。

112.This flight is delayed by two hours because of the bad weather.因为天气的原因,航班延误两小时。

113.This service has now been canceled due to fog.因为起了大雾的原因,本航班取消。

114.Flight NB8888 from Beijing will arrive here at 15:30.由北京飞来本站的(中原航空)NB8888次航班将于15点30分到达。

115.Flight A334 to Canada is now boarding.飞往加拿大的A334航班现在开始登机。

116.Please have your boarding pass and ID ready for boarding.请准备好您的登机牌和身份证。

117.American Airlines flight AA001 to London Heathrow is now boarding at gate 39.前往伦敦希思罗的美国航空AA001航班现在正在登机,登机口在39号。

118.Flight MI803 to Malaysia is now boarding at gate No.8. Please board at gate No.8. Thank you.去往马来西亚的MI803航班现在正在8号口登机。请前往8号登机口登机。谢谢。

119.Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you may now move around the cabin.各位旅客您好,安全带灯号已经熄灭,现在您可以离开座位、使用洗手间。

120.British Airways flight BA188 to London Heathrow has been delayed and will now be departing at 21:20. Could passengers please go to gate 38.前往伦敦希思罗的英国杭口BA188航班被延误了,它将在21:20起飞。请乘客们前往38号登机口登机。

121.Passengers for flight GA642 to Rome, please go to Gate 26.搭乘GA642前往罗马的旅客请至26号门登机。

122.This is an announcement for all passengers traveling on the 9:25 flight TOM 1223 to Rome.搭乘TOM1223班次9:25前往罗马的所有旅客请注意,

123.Would Mr. Gaston Meyer traveling on the 12:45 Sabena flight SN 604 to Brussels report to the airport information desk, please.请搭乘比利时航空SN604班次12:45 前往布鲁塞尔的Gaston Meyer 先生,至机场服务台报道。

124.This is an announcement for passengers traveling to Amsterdam on flight KL 1050.请搭乘KL1050班次前往阿姆斯特丹的旅客注意。

125.Will all passengers with express boarding tickets and passengers traveling with young children,若您持有贵宾卡或是与小孩同行。

126.May I have your attention, please. Thai Airlines flight TG 635 to Bangkok is now boarding. Passengers in the first class, please proceed to the boarding gate now.各位乘客请注意。飞往曼谷的泰航TG635班,已经开始登机。请头等舱的旅客前往登机门。

127.Attention, please. Due to weather condition, all flights to Taipei will be delayed. We truly regret the delay. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We will inform you of the new departure time as soon as possible. Thank you. 各位旅客请注意,由于气候不佳,所有飞往台北的班机都将延后起飞。我们对此深表谦意,并感谢您的配合与耐心。我们将尽快通知您的新班机的起飞时候,谢谢。

128.Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching an area of turbulence. For your own safety, please go back to your seat and fasten the seat belts. Thank you.各位旅客请注意,本班机即将行经乱流区。请您回到您的座位,并系好安全带。

129.Attention please,Any passenger willing to delay departure until tomorrow ,please come to the counter to talk to the Airlines representative, we are offering a free round-trip international ticket to any two people that will accept delaying departure until tomorrow请注意了,任何愿意推迟至明天登记的旅客,请到柜台与美国航空代表洽谈,我们将提供免费的国际往返机票给任何两位愿意延缓至明天登记的旅客

130.Attention passengers on US Airlines 123 to Los Angeles, we are sorry to announce that the flight will be delayed one hour.We are sorry for this inconvenience 乘坐美国航空123号航班的旅客注意了,班机将会延迟一小时,由此造成的不变,我们深感歉意。




1. committed 投入的,坚决的

例句:I am committed to meeting deadlines. 我致力于在截止期限前完成工作。

例句:I am a committed and reliable person. 我是一个有承诺并且可信赖的人。

2. accomplished 在某方面很成功,造诣很高

例句:I am highly accomplished in interpreting. 我在翻译这方面有很高的造诣。

3. advanced 精通的,高级的

例句:I am an advanced English speaker. 我是一个精通英语的人。

例句:I have advanced skill in presentation. 我在演讲方面的能力很高。

4. Something-oriented 以。。为向导的

如detail-oriented 注重细节, people-oriented 以人为本。

例句:I am seeking for a company that is people-oriented. 我在寻找一个以人为本的公司。

例句:I am seeking for a company that is stuff-oriented. 我在寻找一个以员工为本的公司。

例句:I am a big picture guy while I am also detail-oriented. 我是一个有大局观的人,但同时我也是一个注重细节的人。

5. Client-oriented 以顾客为本/ Service-oriented 以服务为本

6. Something driven 表示受到…的驱动或激励

如result driven, self driven, customer driven, performance driven, etc.

例句:When I was working as a team leader, I created a result driven plan to achieve peak performance among my team members. 当我作为一个团队的负责人时,我制作了一个成果激励计划,使得团队成员的表现优异。


7. Problem solver 善于解决问题的人

8. Team player 善于团队协作的人

9. Team leader 团队领袖

10. Self-starter自我驱动

例句:I am a team player. I can collaborate well with my teammates. 我是一个善于团队协作的人,我可以和我的团队成员合作得很好。

例句:I am a self-starter. I need only little supervision. 我是个自我驱动的人,我不太需要被监督。


11. determined 坚定的

例句:I am a determined person. 我是个坚定的人。

12. attentive 细心的

例句:I am an attentive person. 我是个细心的人

13. persistent 坚持的

14. dynamic 有活力的

15. versatile 多才多艺的

16. passionate/energetic/enthusiastic 充满热情的

17. diligent 勤奋的

18. motivated 积极的



19.Do you think you are introverted or extroverted?


20.I am quite outgoing,I think.


21.I wouldn't call myself introverted though sometimes I'm reserved and enjoy staying all by myself,often and often I like sharing activities with others.


22.What kind of person do you think you are?


23.What kind of people do you like to work with?


24.What kind of people you find difficult to work with?


25.How do you get along with others?


26.I keep close contacts with my friends.


27.We often get together and talk with each other?



28.Which schools have you attended?


29.I finished primary school in 1986,and entered middle school that september.i graduated from high school in july of 1992 and then i entered beijing university.


30.What's your major in university?


31.Economics.I'm especially interested in“economic development of china”.


32.what are your major and minor subjects?


33.My major subject is economics and my minor subject is eng-lish.


34.What course do you like best?


35.I was very interested in business management.and I think it's very useful for my present work.



36.Have you got any experience in advertising?


37.Do you have any sales experience?


38.Do you have any practical experience as a secretary?


39.Yes,i have been working in the public relations section of a company in the past two years.


40.Yes,I worked in a fashion shop last summer as part-time salesgirl.




41.I am someone who can adapt to any situation.


42.I find opportunitieswhere other people see none


43.When could you start working?


44.Would you be able to start to work for us next month?


45.If hired, when could you start work?


46.I'd like to begin to woik any time you want.


47.We'll notify you as soon as possible. When can you start working if we decide to use you?


48.I can unite people around a vision andmotivate a team to excellence.


49.I endeavour to deliver high-quality work on time, every time. Hiring me is the only real guarantee for results.


50.We are happy to have you with us. When could you start working?


51.I was responsible for several projects where I directed development teams.



52.I like people who possess the "can do" spirit.


53.What do you look for in the job?


54.What advantages are you seeking from this change of job?


55.I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.


56.It has to bring some meaning to your life,not just a paycheck.


57.I need to get a sense of fulfillment from a job.


58.This position sounds like one that is challenging and fulfilling.


59.I look for challenges,opportunities to grow professionally and personally,and opportunities to make a difference for the company I work for and the customers it serves.


60.With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent.


61.I have completed three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position.


62.They say Mr.Sam is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person.



63.Have you received any certificates?


64.If you don't like this job, I know a couple of hungry guys that want to do.


65.If I feel I'm making progress in the work, I think I'll work until the age limit.


66.l'd like to make good use of my specialty,taste success,and improve myself.


67.What do you plan to do to contribute to the work in our company?


68.I worked in a small company where the division of labor was very clear,but I didn’t have much chance to enrich my experience.


69.I want to give full play to my skills in my work and broaden my knowledge by gaining different experiences.

我想要在工作中充分地展示自己的 能力,也要通过获得不同的经验来扩展自己的知识。

70.I hope the company would offer me with a more reasonable salary for I have a family.



71.What do you want to get from your new job?


72.What do you expect from this job?


73.What is important to you in your job??


74.What brought you to our company?


75.I believe extensive experience in marketing and public relations is essential to succeed in the position.


76.The position requires planning and implementing innovative consumer campaigns.


77.Excellent organizational and communication skills are also necessary


78.These things could get out of my experience.


79.You need the desire to excel at what you do and commitment to the organizational goal.


80.As you can see in my resume,I possess what it takes to be successful in this position.



81.I'm engaged in part-time job to gain some business experience.


82.Did you have any part-time job in college?


83.Did you do any summer jobs before?


84.Yes,I worked as a waiter in a restaurant.


85.Did you take on any part-time work while you were working for your last company?


86.I served as a research assistant to my supervisor.


87.I translated a file into English for a company.


88.What experience have you gained from your part-time work?


89.Do you do a second job in addition to your full-time job?


90.Do you take on any part-time work in yourleisure time?



Q:How tall are you?


A:I'm 170cm tall.


Q:Can you speak English?


A:Yes, I am quite fluent in English.


Q:Are you in good health?


A:I just had a medical and was in good health


Q:Do you get angry easily?


A:No, I know how to control my temper.


Q:Do you have any nursing experience?


A:I have two years of nursing experience and now I am a nurse in a hospital.


Q:What's the characteristics of flight attendants?


A:A stewardess should be friendly, polite, patient and courteous.


Q:Tell me about your work experience.


A:I have 2 years of flight attendance experience. I am polite and is told that is my advantage. I want to be a member of the team and I can make a lot of contribution.


Q:Why you want to decide on the occupation?


A:A: When I was a child, I imagined flying into the blue sky some day. Now, I think the day has come. My dream will come true. And I like travelling very much and I enjoy working with people.


Q:Do you know what is the duty of the stewardess?


A:The main duty of the stewardess is to make the passengers relaxed and happy during the flight.


Q:What should you do if a passenger had a accident?


A:I will do basic first aid for him / her, and ask my partner to call for assistance.


Q:If you are hired, when can you start work?


A:I can begin to work right away.


Q:I would like to ask you about your salary expectations.


A:Before discussing the salary, I need to know more about the job. Or you can tell me how much the budget is for this position and how your company's commission system works.


Q:A passenger tells you that he has contacted reservations in advance of his last three flight to confirm his sepcial meal and it has not been provided.


A:Sir ,I do apologise that you have not received your meals as ordered.I will document this in my service report and have our customer service department follow up with you.I can also provide you with their direct number if you would like to contact them as well.


Q:What are your strengths and weaknesses?


A:One of my strengths is my friendliness and open-minded attitude and also I think I have a warm personality. But sometimes, I find it is hard to tell others when I don’t like what they are doing.


Q:If the passenger does not understand what you say,what do you do?


A:I’ll try to speak in another language or use gestures and draw pictures.



91.I owe you a lot.谢谢你。

92.Thanks a million.万分感谢。

93.Thank you indeed.真心感谢你。

94.Thank you most sincerely.非常感谢。

95.Thank you for the advice.谢谢你的建议。

96.Thank you for the interview.谢谢你面试我。

97.I wish you a great success.我祝福你们成功。

98.I appreciate your support.非常感谢你的支持。

99.I am much obliged to you.我对你深怀感激之情。

100.I can't tell you how grateful I am.感谢你的帮助。

101.It’s very kind of you to help me。你能帮助我真是太好了。

102.I don't know how to thank you enough.真不知该怎么感谢你。

103.It is very generous of you to help me.你能慷慨相助真是太好了。

104.Thanks a lot, I look forward to the good news.谢谢,我期待着好消息。

105.I wish you and your team a great success.祝福你以及你的团队取得成功。

106.It was a great experience talking to you.可以与您交谈是一次很棒的经历。

107.10It is my honour to have a chance to talk to you.有机会与你交谈是我的荣幸。

108.It was a pleasure getting to meet you and the team.我很高兴见到了你和整个团队。

109.I don't know how to express my gratitude to you.我不知道该怎样向你表达我的感谢。

110.I enjoyed learning more about your company.我很享受对你们公司/部门的加深了解。

111.It's generous of you to take so much interest in my work.承蒙你对我的工作这么操心。

112.Thank you for the chance to let me know your company.谢谢你给我了解你们公司的机会。

113.Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to meet me.谢谢你在百忙之中抽出时间见我。

114.I am happy to see how your team functions through teamwork.我很开心有机会看到你们团队怎样一起合作。

115.Thank you for giving me to opportunity to have an in person interview with you.感谢您给了我这个面试机会。

116.I hope that we can meet sometime in the future within the field.我希望将来的某一天可以在这个领域再次见面。

117.I feel honored to have passed the initial screening and to be on that short list. 十分荣幸通过了第一轮面试进入最终名单。

118.I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed that I was not your final choice.最后没有被您选上,如果说我没有失望,那我是在撒谎。

119.I want to express my thanks to you again for the opportunity and time to interview with me.我想再次对这次您给予的面试的机会以及时间表示感谢。

120.If there be a more suited position in the future,please keep me in mind.Thank you.如果将来有更适合我的职位,请您考虑我。谢谢。


I have working experience in foreign company.我有在外资公司工作的经验。

Would you like to tell me a bit about yourself?开始不如你推荐一下自己吧。

When I accepted, I will do my best for the company.如果我被录取了,我会为公司做到最好。

I've traveled to several countries in Asia and Europe.我曾经去过亚洲和欧洲一些国家旅行。

I'm an English major at Shanghai International Studies University.我就读于上海外国语大学英文系。

After I graduate, I'd like to work for an international trading firm.毕业以后,我想在国际贸易公司工作。

I expect to graduate this summer, my major is international finance.预计今年夏天毕业,我的专业是国际金融。

I know first I must analysis the problem and work out its major cause.我知道我最先要做的是分析问题,找出原因。

Getting to know other cultures and peoples is a fascinating experience.了解其他文化和民族是一种非常美好的经历。

I don't care the pressure and the environment, as long as I enjoy the work.我不在意压力和环境,只要我在享受我的工作。

I have qccupational Experience Experience in auditing, cost accounting and taxation.我有审计,成本会计跟税务方面的经验。

I think working here is the best chance to use what I have learnt in the university.我觉得在这里工作是我运用在大学里学到的知识的最好的机会。

I really learnt a lot form this experience, especially how to assess people’s strengthen and ability.我学习了非常多的东西,特别是对人们的长处和能力的评估。

I think you likely be sent to work in an oversea branch to get experience later on once you prove your worth.我认为当你能证明你的价值的时候,你有可能被调到外国的分部去学习经验。

I'm a self-starter and he fully trusts my ability to work without his supervision and he values my judgment in a variety of contexts.我工作很主动,所以没有上司的监督,我也能做好一切,由此深得上司的信赖。此外,遇到各种情况,上司也很尊重我的判断。

I worked as a secretary to the General Manager in the sales office of a American telecommunications company.之前我在一家美国电信公司的营业厅担任总经理秘书一职。

Since he doesn't speak Japanese, my main function is to act as liaison between him and eight Japanese staff members.因为总经理不会说日语,所以我的主要任务就是协助总经理与八位日本同事进行沟通。

In addition to general office duties, I also perform accounting, including payrolls.除了办公室的日常事务之外, 我也做 一些与会计相关的业务,包括做工资表。

My boss frequently travels and I effectively manage the office during his absence.我的上司经常出差,在他出差期间,我就负责打理办公室的事物。

I'm currently enrolled in night courses in business English and export-import documentation in order to prepare myself for the field.为了能在贸易领域工作,我目前在上夜校,学习商务英语和进出口文书处理。



161.When did you get married?你是什么时候结婚的?

162.What's your marital status?你的婚姻状况怎样?

163.What does your husband do?你的丈夫从事什么工作?

164.How long have you been married?你结婚多长时间了?

165.What is your plan for the future?你未来的计划是什么?

166.How do you see yourself in ten years?未来十年你怎样定位你自己?

167.Do you have any plans for further education?你有计划继续深造吗?

168.What is your long-range career objective?你的长远职业目标是什么?

169.Do you have a clear career path to follow?你想好职业发展道路了吗?

170.What are your long-term goals set for yourself?你的长期目标是什么?

171.Do you have a clear career path to follow?你想好职业发展道路了吗?

172.What are your plans if you were hired?如果你被聘用,你的打算是什么?

173.What will you do if you fail to get a job?如果你找不到工作,你会怎么做?

174.Where do you want to be 5 years from now in your career?五年内你的事业想达到什么水平?

175.Can you tell me if you will get married and have a baby in the near future?你在近期会结婚生孩子吗?

176.What do you expect to achieve in your study if you are enrolled?如果你被录取,你希望在你的学习中取得什么成绩?


177.There is no hurry to get married.不急于结婚。

178.I'd like to get an MBA eventually.我最终想取得MBA学位。

179.I'm very interested in participating in the program.我非常想参加这个项目。

180.In the long run, I hope to be an entrepreneur.长远来看,我希望能为一名企业家。

181.I don't think I will have any baby within three years.我想3年之内我不会要小孩。

182.We planed to have a baby after buying our new apartment.我们打算买了新房后再生孩子。

183.I hope to spend a few years working in some famous companies.我希望花若干年时间在一些知名的企业工作。

184.In order to achieve this goal,I just want to work step by step.为了达到这个目标,我只想一步一步地踏实工作。

185.We are going to get married when both of our careers are staying stable .我们打算等两个人事业都稳定下来再结婚。

186.I understand your company has a program to send selected employees to business school overseas.我知道贵公司有一个派员工到国外商学院就读的项目,

187.I wish to move up to higher positions with acquisition of more experi¬ence in the future.我希望将来随着获得越来越多的经验而能步步高升。

188.I would like to work my way up to a junior management position with a company such as yours.我希望将来能在您这样的公司里担任高级管理职务。

189.I plan to continue working for a long time. My career is the most important to me.我也打算继续长期工作。对我来说我的事业是最重要的。

190.I hope to command a skill, to set a solid foundation and to build my interpersonal network.我希望掌握一些技能,为自己的发展打下坚实的基础,建立人脉关系。



191.Any other qusetions?还有其他的问题吗?

192.Is this base salary only?这是底薪吗?

193.Is this a firm offer?这是确定的薪资吗?

194.May I ask about the salary? 我可以问一下薪水吗?

195.May I ask about the insurance? 我可以问一下保险吗?

196.I know the importance of insurance.我知道保险的重要性。

197.3000 yuan per month during the trial period.试用期内每月3000元。

198.How about the salary after the trial period?试用期以后的薪水呢?

199.Do you mind if I ask about the wages?您不介意我问问工资情况吧?

200.Are there any additional year-end bonuses?是否有任何额外的年终奖金?

201.We offer a premium according to your performance.根据你的表现会发奖金。

202.What starting salary would you expect here?你希望在我们这里的起薪是多少?

203.The salary I should require would be 300,000 a year.希望年薪能达到三十万元。

204.Do we enjoy life insurance and medical benefits?我们享受人寿保险和医疗保险吗?

205.We offer healthe insurance and unemployment insurance.我们提供健康险及失业险。

206.Could you please tell me something about the wages?您能不能跟我说说工资的情况?

207.Is there a possibility for bonuses and stock options?未来可能有奖金和员工配股吗?

208.I'd like to have the salary which matches my ability.对于薪资,我希望与自己的能力相符。

209.Do you know anything about the benefits our company offers?你知道我们公司提供什么福利吗?

210.I should require a commencing salary of 3000 Yuan a month.我需要的薪金起点是每个月3000元。

211.As for welfare, my only hope is enjoying medical subsidies.关于福利,本人唯一的希望就是享受医疗补助。

212.I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary.我愿意见习几个月,这只需要低水平的薪金。

213.Based on my skills and experience, I am looking for 4000 yuan a month.根据我的能力和经验,我希望月薪是4000元。

214.I expect a high consideration which suits my ability and goals.我希望薪资可以高一些,符合我自己的能力以及目标。

215.How many days of sick leave, vacation time, and holidays are provided?贵公司提供多少天的病假,特休假,跟公司假?

216.As regards salary, I leave it to you to decide after experience of my capacity.关于薪水,请你们考验本人能力后再作定夺。

217.We have a semi-annual bonus and we have two-week paid vacation a year, as well.我们半年发一次奖金。一年还有两周的带薪假期。

218.If you are entitled to sickness allowance, you must claim it from your employer.如果你有病假补贴的话,那么你应该向老板申请索要。

219.I don’t care very much about salary. What means more to me is the policy and working environment the company is offering and supplying me with.我对工资并不是太看重。对我来讲,公司制度和工作环境更重要。

220.Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet, I should consider 6000 Yuan a month appropriate.虽然让我决定我所能得到的薪水标准比较困难,但是,我还是觉得一个月6000元对我来说比较合适。



221.How can I make the appointment?那我该怎样预约呢?

222.Can I set up a time with you?我可以跟你约个时间吗?

223.How about 9:30 in my office?9:30在我办公室怎么样?

224.You must attend the interview on time.你必须准时参加面试。

225.Can I have a word with you some time?我什么时候能和你聊聊?

226.They have no time to give you an interview.他们没空面试你了。

227.Shall I make an appointment with you?我可以和您预约个时间么?

228.I'd be glad to make it some time next week.我很愿意安排在下个星期。

229.Have you made an appointment with this company?你和这家公司预约面试了吗?

230.Why don't we say next Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.?那我们就定在下周三上午10:30怎样?

231.Is there anything else you would like me to bring?还有其他什么东西您想让我带来的吗?

232.I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit you in this week.我不敢肯定这星期能否有时间见你。

233.It's very important to make an appointment before the interview.在面试前做好预约很重要。

234.The interviewers may happen to be busy with other things.恰巧公司的面试人员在忙别的事情。

235.You had said I should call this week to schedule an interview with you.您让我这个星期打电话和您定一个面试时间。


236.Relationships are dynamic.人际关系是动态的。

237.Not all conflict is bad.并不是所有冲突都不好。

238.I want to get along with everyone.我想和大家和睦相处.

239.A friend without faults will never be found.没有缺点的朋友是永远找不到的。

240.Patience and application will carry us through.忍耐和专心会使我们度过难关。

241.Ego-rooted relationships reinforce insecurities.以自我为中心的人际关系只会增加不安全感。

242.It is the strongest evidence of my interpersonal skills.这可以证明我有很好的人际关系方法。

243.I gained promotions quite quickly after arriving at my former employer.我进入上一家公司后,很快就获得提拔。

244.I was able to establish cordial relations with those whom I was promoted over.我都可以和职位在我之下的人建立友好关系。

245.Healthy relationships are based upon a deep rooted conviction in equality.良好的人际关系是以深深植根的平等理念为基础的。

246.I believe my professionalism was universally respected by my former bosses and co-workers.我相信我以前的上司和同事都非常尊重我的专业精神。

247.When it becomes a personal issue with another person, it can damage your working relationship and your career.如果是与别人的私人问题,争执会伤害你的人际关系和事业。

248.When seething with hate or anger, it is much more likely we will cross the line, or otherwise exercise poor judgment.当怀着满腔仇恨或愤怒时,我们更有可能失去理智或者判断失误。

249.Many times we find ourselves in the midst of a conflict when we dislike the way another person has behaved habitually.很多时候争执是发生在我们不喜欢别人行为习惯的时候。

250.To avoid a situation where emotions escalate, focus on your predetermined purpose, and do not react.避免出现让情绪爆发的情景、专注于你预想的目标并不要轻举妄动。


在面试中,如果能将问题答得漂亮,而且还不诋毁前东家,让新东家相信你的能力,那才是成功的面试。看看怎样回答What have you learned from your past jobs? 你在上一份工作中学到什么?


1.I learned that most employers are looking for problem-solvers. Earlier in my career,one of my bosses said, Bring me a solution,not a problem.


2.That's what we're paid for,and I took that very seriously. Since then,I've always focused on identifying problems and solving them in any situation.


3.I'm glad that I learned that early in my career because my problem-solving approach has been vauled and appreciated by all my past employers.


4.I learned that most employers are looking forproblem-solvers.


5.Earlier in my career,one of my bosses said,Bring me a solution,not a problem.


6.He made me realize the boss is not there to solve everyone's problems,that it's our job tosolve problems before they even come to his attention.


7.That's what we're paid for,and I took that very seriously.


8.Since then,I've always focused on identifying problems and solving them in any situation.


9.I'm glad that I learned that early in my career because my problem-solving approach has beenvauled and appreciated by all my past employers.



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